Top 11 Famous Dialogues Of Villians Of Bollywood

They are mean, and mean only business! And their business is either making out with the gorgeous heroines, or killing the heroes, or trying to prove themselves to be the mightiest! Above all, they have a signature line for each situation! And every single line has a hidden meaning! Here’s all the dope.

1. The villian with a Parkhi Nazar




2. The villian who is more interested in the Maa than the Mashooqa




3. The villian who always explains himself

Amrish Puri



4. A villian who thinks long term


Anupam Kher



5. A villian who plays weird games

Shakti kapoor




6. The sci-fi villian


Amrish Puri



7. A villian who believes in throwing challenges

Shakti kapoor


8. A villian who thinks that he is an animal

Ajit The Loin


9. A villian who keep telling his name to others.

Prem Chopra

10. A villian who want hands of Thakur

Gabber Singh


11. A villian who keep showing his mark

Paresh Rawal

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