This Inteviewr Rejected a Gold Medalist and Hired A Man Who Took 6 Years to Complete His Engineering

A Job Interview could be a person’s life changing moment which can change take their life to any direction. But things to be said first is, a job interview cannot really decide your capability.

But for those who definitely want to crack their next coming interview, we have a solution for you which might guarantee you the job.

More than 1,00,000 engineers graduate in India every year and what percentage of them get the job straight after getting their degree. Well, its really less, and we need not to tell the numbers.

Why these students fail to get a job? Its not because they don’t have knowledge or anything was wrong about their academic activity. Its just the attitude, people tend to say things in an interview which an interviewer wants to listen.

Watch this video and learn something from it.

Did you get the motive behind the video. If Yes then please share this.

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Abhishek Mourya

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