Meet the real angry Indian Goddesses

On one hand there is this Bollywood flick ‘Angry Indian Goddesses’ creating abuzz, but in reality there are goddess in Hinduism that get angry easily and it’s too hard to please them.  It is said, if a Hindu God is angry, you are deprived of his blessings and a havoc is wrecked in your life.

To keep them happy therefore, devotees need to please them with pure heart. Let us know more about the goddesses who are famous for their hot temperament.

Maa Kali


Goddess Kali is one of the largely worshipped goddesses in India. she is also known as the Goddess of death. Why? Because when she gets angry due to evil activities of people, she is difficult to control and destruction happens.

That is why it is important to keep her happy and to please her devotees worship her and do good deeds in life. She is depicted clad in an animal skin wearing a garland of skulls around her neck. 

Maa Durga


She is another fierce Hindu Goddess. Also known as Mahishasura Mardini, she had killed the demon Mahishasura. She is depicted with 10 hands, carrying a lot of weapons. 

Maa Lakshmi


Shocked to find Lakshmi’s name amongst angry Indian Goddesses? We were too before we came to know this. People believe that praying to Goddess Lakshmi will make them rich and give them financial success in business or jobs. However, people who despite praying to the Goddess, are not helped financially are said to be affected by her sister – Alakshmi – known to spread poverty.

This happens when people keep their houses unclean, fight and debate all the time, wear dirty clothes and when men and women follow non-religious practices. This is the time when Lakshmi gets angry and stops favouring her devotees.

Maa Chandi

Maa Chandi

The Supreme Goddess is defined as the angry, terrible or passionate one. She is violent and impetuous. She is supposed to live in a place called Mahakal, which is close to Kailash.  

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