India vs South Africa Mauka response video: IND mock SA after ‘The Elusive Mauka’ ICC World Cup promotional ad

India vs South Africa at ICC World Cup 2015 on February 22 has added another angle to the fiery contest to-be. The angle is none other than the ‘Mauka Angle’. It seems India’s campaign at World Cup 2015 is all about a ‘Maukaa’. After India taunted Pakistan with the Mauka ad, there brew up another video of two South Africans teasing Indian fans with ‘The Elusive Maukaa’. And now, another YouTube video by (Be Your Nick) BYN Channel responds aptly that to the mocking that will leave surely leave you in guffaws.

The video begins with the original Star Sports-themed ad with Indian fans enjoying a soft drink when suddenly someone rings the doorbell. The usual ad continues with two South African fans mocking Indians making them realise their failure to beat South Africa in ICC World Cup tournament in three attempts. The fun begins THERE!

As the Proteas’ return, the Indian fans call them back by mocking them with a whistle. The surprised SA fans return with a puzzled look. The Indians do not take a moment to return the box of fire crackers and directs the SA fans to look towards the wall. What happens later will make you go ROFL!

Watch the video of Indian fans’ response to Star Sports ad of India vs South Africa’s Mauka Mauka below:

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