Chris Gayle discloses facts of Vijay Mallya’s Goa mansion

When the West Indies batsman Chris Gayle joined RCB (Royal Challengers Bangalore), he got a chance to stay in the owner Vijay Mallya’s house. His mansion is in Goa at beachfront where he stayed for 5 days as the King of the villa. He also rode his three wheeler Harley.

Gayle has talked about this in his autobiography “Six Machine: I don’t Like Cricket.. I Love it” by the author Penguin Random House. There were 5 days gap between 2 matches and Gayle was quite eager to visit thought the teammates were not willing to go.

Chris said “What to do?” George pipes up again. ‘Believe me, big man, you should definitely check it out.’ Oh-kay . What could possibly go wrong? So I decide to go by myself. Fly down there, picked up in a sweet car and driven to Candolim, come down the driveway and whaaat? “It’s bigger than most hotels. It’s cooler than any house I’ve ever seen”. He elaborated by saying, “It’s James Bond, it’s Playboy Mansion, it’s the land of plenty in white concrete and glass. I’m trying not to stare, but there’s so much to stare at that there’s only room in my mind for one thought: ‘Chris, this gonna be interesting…’

Chris Gayle discloses facts of Vijay Mallya’s Goa mansion

“I’ve got the entire villa for myself. I’m getting a tour. Wherever I go I’ve got two butlers walking with me at all times. Me alone, like a king! I go in the first pool. I go in the second pool. I walk the lawn, in my robe. I go back in the pool with a Kingfisher beer and then I stay in the pool and the Kingfisher beers keep coming, which makes sense because the one place they’re not going to run out of Kingfisher beers is in the Kingfisher villa.”

Chris Gayle discloses facts of Vijay Mallya’s Goa mansion

He also drove a golf cart and when asked for food he asked for menu and the cook replied, “There is no menu, sir. You yourself are the menu.” Gayle also visited the private home theater and his garage, that had many cars, a big Mercedes which was so big that he could not even realize what it is. the 3 wheeler bike Harley.

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