Bollywood Stars and Their Vintage Pictures from School Days Are a Must See

Bollywood stars and style go hand in hand. Many youngsters consider these stars to be their idols and start copying their fashion statements. But before they made a place for themselves in the glam world, they led normal lives, just like any of us.
We have come across pictures of certain Bollywood stars like Salman Khan, Parineeti Chopra, Akshay Kumar, among others, from their school days.
We bet you will be amused to see your favorite celebs and their adorable, innocent avatars in school uniform.

Salman Khan
That’s Salman Khan with his school friends.
Must say, this man is born ‘Dabangg’!

Siddharth Malhotra with his elder brother
This is little Siddharth Malhotra with his elder brother.

Sonakshi Sinha and Sonam's talented sister Rhea Kapoor 
The chubby girl (second row from bottom and second spot from right) is Sonakshi Sinha.
Seen with her is Sonam’s talented sister Rhea Kapoor (middle).

Imran Khan
Uncle Aamir Khan readies his little nephew Imran Khan.

Akshay Kumar
This is Akshay Kumar in his school days.

That’s very adorable Asin with her school mates.

parineeti chopra
Parineeti Chopra during her school function.

And this is Bollywood’s current reigning queen Priyanka Chopra.

Another vintage picture of Piggy Chops.

Shilpa Shetty 
Shilpa Shetty during her school days.

Sushant Singh Rajput
That’s Sushant Singh Rajput!


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