Bollywood celebrities and Their controversial tweets!

It’s time we stop underestimating Bollywood stars and mistake their humour for arrogance. Despite facing so much flak on social media from fans and critics, it’s surprising to see how some stars just don’t give up and continue with a sporting stride.


Be it taking a joke in just the right spirit or making fun of their own films, or replying back to fans with the much needed wit and humour, some of the stars have just nailed it. Take a look three the screen-grabs of their Tweets and you’d agree why these particular ones deserve a round of applause.


Uday Chopra: When your mere existence in the industry is a JOKE, you know you have no other option. That’s Uday Chopra for you. Hailing from YRF clan, Uday has only managed to make his presence felt on Twitter through his tongue in cheek Tweets and sometimes, making fun of himself like a true sport.

Uday Chopra Uday Chopra



Jacky Bhagnani: Knowing that you are among one of the FLOP actors in the industry is one thing, but admitting it out in open is no joke. But Jackky broke all stereotypes. In one of his recent Tweets, the actor surprised everyone when he made fun of his own movie and it was just too funny.

Jackky Bhagnani



Abhishek Bachchan: Junior Bachchan is known to be a prankster and he has often shown his witty side  at film promotions or TV shows. The way Abhishek snapped back at KRK and gave it back on his face in one of his recent Tweets was truly awesome. Thanks for showing him his place!

Abhishek bachahan



Farah Khan: Boisterous and straightforward, Farah has never shied away from speaking out her mind. And that clearly reflects in her carefree Tweets. Be it pointing out something or tickling the funny bone, the choreographer-turned-director posts some of the best messages.

Farah Khan Farah Khan



Shirish Kunder: Not many people know him but Shirish Kunder, better known as Farah Khan husband, is definitely enjoying his presence on Twitter. His funny and witty, at times inspirational Tweets display his brilliant sense of humour at its best.

Shirish KunderShirish Kunder


Sunny Leone: No matter what crap people talk about Sunny Leone, but she has managed to stay strong and give it back to people with her witty yet subtle Tweets. In one of the recent videos’ Bajaoed’, Sunny Leone answered some of the meanest tweets and it was just so sporting. Kudos!

Sunny Leone Sunny Leone



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