5 Kickass Ways To Spend Your Summer In India

Every year summer vacation is the time most awaited by the families, especially if they have little kids. Vacations are not merely time to have fun, but for families to bond together. Ideas to spend summer vacations can be numerous, but what matters is those have to be the memorable ones. A few are suggested for you.

5 Kickass Ways To Spend Your Summer In India

1. White Water Rafting In Rishikesh

Feel your adrenaline pump as you raft down the rushes of the River Ganges. It offers some of the most challenging rapids in the country ranging from class 1 to 5 and one of the longest coursed from 11 to 27 km. What’s cooler? You can stay right at the spot.
Shekhar from New Delhi talks about battling the rapids and his stay. He says: “Our stay was never ending fun in Heval River Cottage. The location is awesome. It is situated at the heval river. The morning view is breathtaking. Rafting was awesome we enjoyed a lot.”

5 Kickass Ways To Spend Your Summer In India
2. Scuba Diving In Havelock

When you talk about going under the surface, this sport does that quite literally! Enter the world of exotic creatures, vivid corals, vibrant fishes and more. Trust us, you will be overwhelmed. Here is what Priyanshu Mukerji from New Delhi has to say about scuba diving and his stay: “I went there as an adventure holiday to enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling. The hotel is well-laid, the promised features are available and the quality delivered is good. We get a locker,spacious room, good bed and romantic lighting. The hotel can plan things for you like candle light dinner etc.”


5 Kickass Ways To Spend Your Summer In India

3. Snowboarding In Auli

Nothing can compare to gliding down the slopes of Auli with a magnificent view of the Nanda Devi. It is the second highest peak of the Indian Himalayas, just FYI. Sign up at the GMVN resort for their famed skiing workshops if you are in the mood to learn something new. Donarun Das from Kolkata shares his experience of snowboarding and stay. He says: “We went snowboarding and skiing in Auli recently. GMVN organises a 7-day or a 14-day ski workshop and it is a good option for people who want to learn skiing. The best part is there is no restriction on any of the slopes.”


5 Kickass Ways To Spend Your Summer In India

4. Dune Bashing In Jaisalmer

Have you ever broken something in a fit of anger and felt instantly exhilerated? Dune bashing takes that feeling to a whole new level. Bash into the sand dunes and watch crumble. Shaurin Soni chats about his experience of Dune bashing and stay. He says: “Great tent with good washrooms. Food though vegetarian was great. The host were ever ready to provide whatever available. Great cultural programme in the evening. The dune bashing in Jeep safari was enjoyable so were the camel rides.”


5 Kickass Ways To Spend Your Summer In India

5. Zip Lining In Alwar

So what if you don’t have superpowers? Fly down steel zip lines (secured by a harness, of course) above the fairyland fort of Neemrana and enjoy the view of the Aravelli mountains. An experience that you will never forget. Ishmeet Singh from New Delhi talks about his stay. He says: “I found it a pleasant place to be in. Zip lining was fun and exploring the fort was an adventure in itself.”





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