14 different Types of delicious Indian Biryani worth to taste

Just the name biryani gets us salivating as we crave for mouthfuls of this delicacy. Rice with spices and chunks of meat or chicken is generally referred to as biryani. But did you know that every region in India has its own special and delectable biryani recipe that’s as finger-licking good as the other? From the Lucknowi biryani to the Hyderabadi speciality and the Sindhi biryani to the Kacchi variant, we love them all. Here’s a list of all the different types of biryani variations you will find on the Indian soil.

Classic Mutton Biryani

1. Classic Mutton Biryani: A rich mix of strong Indian spices and lamb or beef chunks that are sautéed in spices, makes this rice variant a favourite with the carnivore population.

Classic Chicken Biryani

2. Classic Chicken Biryani: This biryani uses chicken instead of lamb or beef along with rice and potatoes

Vegetable Biryani

3. Vegetable Biryani: For all those vegetarians out there, this one was invented for you. It simply replaces the meat with healthy veggies to make a delicious rice-veggie mix.

Mughlai Biryani

4. Mughlai Biryani: This unique recipe is inspired by the Mughals who loved their meat and would season it with saffron.

Lucknowi Briyani

5. Lucknowi Briyani: The city of the Nawabs is also famous for its lip-smacking biryani known as Lucknowi Biryani. Made with less spices, this biryani variant has a signature taste that settles on your palate.

Hyderabadi Biryani

6. Hyderabadi Biryani: This was the result of an amalgamation of the Mughal and Andhra kitchens. A spicy mix of rice and mutton makes up this dish

Sindhi Biryani

7. Sindhi Biryani: Named after a region in modern day Pakistan – the Sindh province, this biryani uses a large amount of yogurt to get a rich texture.

Kolkata Biryani

8. Kolkata Biryani: With an addition of spicy potatoes, this biryani tastes slightly sweet and is unique to the city of Kolkata.

Ambur Biryani

9. Ambur Biryani: This biryani gets its name from a city in Tamil Nadu which is famous for making, you guessed it right – biryani!

Kacchi Biryani

10. Kacchi Biryani: A speciality of Bangladesh, this biryani is made by preparing the mutton and meat separately and then combining the two into one dish.

Sri Lankan Biryani

11. Sri Lankan Biryani: This Sri-Lanka-inspired recipe is much spicier than the Indian version and is popularly known as buryani.

Tahiri Biryani

12. Tahiri Biryani: For vegetarians who crave biryani, Tahiri was prepared with much love just for you. An Awadhi dish, it was invented to please the palate of the Brahmins in Uttar Pradesh who did not eat meat.

Afghani Biryani

13. Afghani Biryani: This Afghanistan-inspired dish has a strong flavour of saffron which is generously used. It is served with a handful of dry fruits.

Bombay Biryani

14. Bombay Biryani: A sweeter, greasier preparation is made with fried onions and has been inspired by the Irani biryani that is eaten with meat gravy.

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