13 Candies from Your childhood which you can’t forget in your lifetime

There are a lot of fond memories attached to our growing up years. And more so when it comes to the sweets we have sucked on. These tasty treats made growing up all the more exciting. Here are 13 such sweets that will definitely take you down memory lane. Sweet memories ahead. 


1. Ravalgaon

The different wrappers added that much more fun to the whole sucking experience. I would just suck at ’em till my tongue bled.



2. Coffy Bite

Coffee. Toffee. Coffee. Toffee. And the war rages on…

 Coffy Bite


3. Chatmola

I couldn’t ever get over these small tangy maroon balls. Very addictive! 



4. Fatafat

The big bad brother of Chatmola. This one had bigger and darker balls though!



5. Phantom Cigarettes

There’s nothing like smoking a cigarette in front of your parents. I’m sure whoever came up with these wanted to smoke up real bad as a kid.

 Phantom Cigarettes


6. Melody

Half the pleasure of eating it was unwrapping the fan-like twirl, because no other candy in India was wrapped that exquisitely back then. The real fun lies in the anticipation of the chocolate hitting you.


7. Rola Cola

This one’s a treat… literally! And a frozen one at that. A saviour for those who couldn’t get their hands on liquid cola.

 Rola Cola


8. Pan Pasand

Another of those candies that empathised with kids. Popping this one in your mouth gave you a feeler taste of the paan you weren’t allowed to chew on.

 Pan Pasand


9. Swad

Just looking at this savoury can make your taste buds go crazy with excitement. I’m already salivating. I wanna put it in my mouth. Right now. Right freaking now!



10. Mango Bite

From the outside : A half-cut toffee.
What you actually get : A whole full toffee.
Smart move makers. A real winner.

Mango Bite


11. Kismi Bar

A mini elaichi chocolate at the price of 25 paise! I couldn’t have asked for more.

 Kismi Bar


12. Poppins

This one came in different colours. I think I liked red. No, blue. No, green. No wait… I liked all of them.



13. Nutties

These dinosaur-egg-shaped balls were pure bliss! 



I wanna go back to being a kid. Miss those days, man!


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