12 terrifying makeup ideas for this Halloween!

Halloween will be celebrated on October 31. The day when people dress up like zombies, monsters and other terrifying creatures. On this occasion it is believed that ghosts are abroad. This is the time to remember the dead.

Though, it’s a foreign festival, yet it has been started celebrating in India as well. Here, too people celebrate Halloween festival and dress up in different ghostly costumes. but, if you are confused with the makeup for this Halloween, we bring you some brilliant but horrific makeup ideas for this Halloween.

Check out more horrifying makeups to apply on this Halloween…

terrifying makeup ideas for this Halloween

Two-Faced Girl

This makeup will make you look one of the strong contenders to win the Halloween prize. These horrific stitches, green eye and black lips everything of this makeup can make anyone around you, feel horrifying.

terrifying makeup ideas for this Halloween

Terrifying Zombie

The zombies are back and they will kill you! Beware they will kill you or else stay prepared to safeguard yourself from their attack.

terrifying makeup ideas for this Halloween

Wooden Doll Makeup

It looks like she has frozen with time and this makes her look more scary. Her standstill can give nightmares. Try this look and give frozen looks to everyone in the party.

terrifying makeup ideas for this Halloween

Old Vampire

the name only gives cold spine feels, so would the makeup do. Try for some real scary old vampire makeup for the halloween party. People might probably run away from you, or else you’ll drink their blood. Will you?

terrifying makeup ideas for this Halloween

Alien Girl

Love Aliens? Why not apply alien makeup this year? These days lot of UFO sightings have happened, so this is the best time you should try for the alien makeup. People will get confused, if you’re a real alien or it’s just a makeup.

terrifying makeup ideas for this Halloween

X-Ray Makeup

How about having someone’s X-ray report made on your body. Try this amazing idea this year, surely you’ll win hearts with this different makeup.

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