12 Best Aerial view of the world Must Share

There’s a world full of spectacular views out there, but some of the most jaw-dropping vistas can only be enjoyed from the sky.

A view from above offers an alluring and unique perspective of almost any setting, adding an extra dimension to that “wow” factor. Whether you’re gliding over thunderous Victoria Falls by Microlight, soaring over the Belize Barrier Reef by helicopter, or drifting over the plains of the Masai Mara in a hot air balloon at dawn, aerial views can create some of the best memories of a lifetime. Take your pick from our list of the ten best in the world.

Barcelona in Spain

1 – Giving a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘perfectly planned’. Must visit Barcelona in Spain.

Tulip fields in Holland

2 – This riot of colours is can only be the Tulip fields in Holland.

Rio de Janeiro in Brazil

3 – While the clouds pay homage to a rumbling Volcano, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, wakes up to a beautiful morning.

Niagara Falls in North America

4 – In summer or winter the view of the Niagara Falls in North America is always stunning and leave one speechless.

Male, Maldives

5 – Male, Maldives, appears to be at the very edge of the Earth.

Egyptian Pyramids

6 – Who looks up while we look down? Is it the spirits of the rulers who lie within the Egyptian Pyramids?

Lakshadweep airport

7 – Amazing View of Lakshadweep airport. Can you imagine landing here?

Central Park New York United States

8 – New York Though maybe less exotic (or at least less foreign) than most of the others on my list, NYC may be my favorite city of all time.  I’ve spent a great deal of time in the city; but, with it’s fast-paced, ever-evolving nature, it’s never too soon to book my next visit.  The energy in New York is unparalleled.  No matter what your pleasure, you’re sure to find it there.  I’m especially fond of the food, fashion and art scenes.  I love to stroll a museum in the morning, shop in the afternoon and catch a show in the evening, with plenty of restaurant breaks in between.  Truth be told, if I had reason to relocate, I would have no problem writing The NYC Survival Guide.

Cape Town, South Africa

9 – Cape Town, South Africa

What’s great about the sun is that we can follow it every time we miss it. So when the Northern hemisphere is on winter time the Southern one enjoys the sun and we have where to go. So our first proposal is Cape Town , the capital city of Western Cape. A place where the sea and the mountain melt. Except sunbathing, visiting Cape Point is a must. The place, 60 km away from Cape Town, is the Southern-Westerly point of Africa and offers spectacular views.

Uri Buri, Israel

10 – Uri Buri, Israel

Set in the stunning surrounds of Acre, Uri Buri has received rave reviews for its fish and seafood dishes. Having opened in 1989 the restaurant moved location from the coast of Nahariyah in 1997 to re-open in the lighthouse square in the old city. It is now one of the most sought after reservations in the whole of Israel. 


11 – Sweden

Sweden had emerged as one of the most advanced countries in the world due to the best policy. The Government of Sweden’s public friendly policy makes it one of the best countries to live in the world. The Government of Sweden always works for the lower income group to enhance their life. The Government regularly sends out monthly help to those families in need. Sweden regularly ranks in the list of the most advanced countries in the world by Human Development Index.


12 – Vancouver

Urban playground in the heart of nature

In Vancouver, Mother Nature beckons. Whether you’re strolling along the seawall, shopping on Robson Street or exploring historic Gastown, you can catch a glimpse of the Pacific Ocean or the rainforest-covered Coast Mountains from almost anywhere in the city – so close you can practically reach out and touch them. Rent a kayak and paddle scenic waterways, hike or ski in the North Shore Mountains, or just chill at the beach. At the end of the day, gaze out at the scenery over a locally inspired meal on a waterfront patio, and find inspiration for the next day’s adventure.

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